About Boondall Synchronized Ice Skating Club

Ice skating brisbane

BSISC is located at Iceworld Boondall in Brisbane, Australia, and is affiliated with Ice Skating Queensland Inc. Over the years, we have evolved from a single Adult team into a very successful Club consisting of numerous teams. We have sent at least two teams to Nationals every year for the past twelve years, and have won numerous gold, silver and bronze medals.

We currently have teams in almost every division, therefore allowing skaters to progress as their skills develop. This, as well as providing a strong foundation for our Club, promotes interaction between teams and an overall sense of Club spirit.

The Club currently consists of a range of Aussie Skate teams to cater for all levels of skating from Basic through to the highest levels of Aussie Skate, as well as competitive teams across the following levels:

  • Novice - Phoenix
  • Junior - Aurora
  • Senior - Nova
  • Adult - Evolution

There are many benefits to participating in a team sport, and synchronized skating is a great way for skaters to compete in a sport they love while enjoying all of the aspects of working with others in a team-oriented sport.