Frequently Asked Questions

How much will synchronized ice skating cost to be a part of?

No matter what team you try out for in our club the first two training sessions you attend are free. This gives everyone the opportunity to try the sport and determine if it best suits them. From here, costs will vary depending on which team you decide to join.

How many competitions per year would I be expected to participate in?

Depending on what team you are best suited to will depend on how many competitions there are. Our Aussie skate teams compete in local competitions
on a 8 week basis, whereas our compeitive teams have Brisbane titles, State titles, National titles and in some cases International titles that they attend. 

Who is synchronized skating best suited too?

Anyone who enjoys the sport of ice skating, friendly competition and a team environment will be best suited to synchronized ice skating.

What age groups can participate in synchronized ice skating?

Any age groups can participate in synchronized ice skating. We have teams in our club that cover from children through to adults.