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Parent Participation

Assistance, support and teamwork of parents is integral to the success of the team and the BSISC club. We ask parents to assist, as and when required, to support team activities and fundraising. Most parents appreciate the value of these contributions through the level of enjoyment that your child is having and how much he or she benefits as a member of a well organised team.

We do encourage parents to stay and watch sessions but we do ask that when parents do stay to watch, that they sit either in the grandstand, or in the coffee shop, as it can often be distracting to both skaters and coaches if parents are located directly at the barrier edge of the ice surface.

Fund Raising

In order to keep costs affordable for all parents and skaters, the Club conducts fundraising events throughout the year. Your assistance at these events is essential to help minimise costs and contribute towards the success of the Team and the Club.

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