What to Expect

Junior Aussie Skate beginner ice skaters

What to Expect in Aussie Skate Synchronized Ice Skating?

Things You Need to Know About Synchro

  • Skaters competing in Aussie Skate Synchronized teams must be financial members of Ice Skating Australia through the Aussie Skate Program and be enrolled in a current Aussie Skate class. All skaters are required to be a BSISC Member but membership is currently FREE for Aussie Skate skaters.
  • Term fees are payable in full in advance.
  • Competition: All skaters are required to wear a team outfit for competitions. Some teams choose to purchase a costume, however, BSISC also has some costumes for hire for a small fee  per competition plus bond (refundable on return of costume).
  • This is an individual team decision but usually a pair of competition lycra tights is also required by each skater (other than boys).
  • Should a skater not be able to attend a regular training session, fees are still payable for that session as the commitments of ice hire, coaches, and club outgoings still remain for that session.
  • Should a prolonged period of absence be required, please consult with the Aussie Skate treasurer and arrangements can be made to place your account temporarily on hold.

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